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How to Upgrade CS2 Skins on Bounty Stars

Skins for items have long been an integral part of games. They bring variety to the game. Also, with the help of rare items, the player can emphasize the height of his status among others. There are several ways to get rare skins in CS2. You can buy them, unlock them out of the case, or improve them with an upgrade.


What is CS2 Skin Upgrade

An upgrade is a special opportunity to get better skin at the expense of another cheap skin. This opportunity is presented on special sites for upgrading CS2 skins. That should not be confused with the contract in CS2, although the principle is a little similar, but instead of 10 skins of the same quality, you will need to provide only one.

Here is a detailed analysis of how the CS2 skin upgrade works.

How Does Skin Upgrade Work?

The first thing you need to upgrade your skin is a Steam account. The skin must also be listed in your account inventory. You select one (or several) skins from your Steam inventory, and by completing a trade offer with the site service, you can include it in the upgrade. Then, you set the chance with which your skin will be improved and click upgrade.

Here are step-by-step instructions for upgrading skins using Bounty Stars as an example

How to Upgrade CS2 Skins at Bounty Stars: Step-By-Step

The Bounty Stars upgrade process is presented in a rather original form. It is not the skin that is used directly, but its value. The upgrade is carried out through the account balance. Let's take it one step at a time. The first thing you need to do is register on the Bounty Stars.


Create an Account At Bounty Stars

Registration takes place in the usual way through your Steam account. After logging in, you need to go to your profile settings. You can find it in the upper right corner of the screen. There, you need to enter your email and trade link. If you don't know where to find the trade URL, to the right of the entry field, there is a clickable inscription 'Where to get?' which will automatically redirect you to the Steam page with your trade URL.

Sign up for a Bounty Stars account now!


Deposit or Use Your Balance to Start Upgrade

After completing the above dangerous actions, you need to top up your balance to proceed to the upgrade. That can be done using a bank card, Kinguin Wallet card, cryptocurrency, as well as your skins. After completing the transaction, the funds are immediately credited to your balance.

Deposit or utilize your balance to embark on an epic upgrade journey!


Select a Skin from Your Inventory

After you have inserted your trade URL in the settings in the deposit menu, you will be shown the skins from your inventory. Select one or more of them to top up your balance. You can also use the 'Skins additional' if the skin you want to upgrade is not available in the previous method.


Choose a Skin You Want to Obtain

In the 'Withdrawal' section, select the skin that you would like to receive after upgrading your balance. The selection of skins for withdrawal is quite extensive. It is represented by many skins, stickers, cases, music kits, and other in-game items. Each item has its rarity, exterior, and price indicated.


See Your Success Percentage & Spin the Wheel

In the 'Withdrawal' section, select the skin that you would like to receive after upgrading your balance. The selection of skins for withdrawal is quite extensive. It is represented by many skins, stickers, cases, music kits, and other in-game items. Each item has its rarity, exterior, and price indicated.

That is one of the main advantages of upgrading items.

Your journey with Bounty Stars begins with trust. Familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service to ensure a seamless experience.

Your journey with Bounty Stars begins with trust.

The Advantages of Using CS2 Skin Upgrader

The benefits of upgrading CS2 items are much more superior than contracts or other in-game features. With an upgrade on Bounty Stars, you can return the skin you previously traded and get a new one. And this is far from the only advantage:


Ensure Legitimacy and Safety in CS2 Skin Upgrades:

Skins in CS2 are a kind of financial means, and you should know how to upgrade them safely. The first thing that is important not to do is not to provide information about your account to third parties. After all, the service is not responsible for actions committed by a third party on your account. Use two-way authentication and keep your passwords secret

Beware of scammers. If an individual introduces himself as a service worker, etc., before interacting with him, check whether he really is who he claims to be. Contact the support service or use the contact information mentioned on the service's official website to clarify the necessary information.

When you start to use the skin upgrade service, you must agree to the terms and conditions. The main thing is not to influence the operation of the service (cheating) and not to interfere with other users.

If all of the above is observed, then you are reliably protected.

Enhance the fairness of your CS2 skin upgrades today by visiting here!

Wrapping It Up!

Updating skins is a great way to diversify the collection of skins in your inventory. You can replace unwanted skins with something more valuable in just a few clicks. It is the perfect combination of variety and profit. If you want to obtain rare skins, use the upgrade option on Bounty Stars. The service offers profitable upgrade opportunities and withdrawal of desired skins in exchange for your loyalty and honesty.

Got questions? We are here to help.

Got questions? We're here to help.

Bounty Stars Frequently Asked Questions


Can I upgrade my existing CS2 skins?

After you have replenished the service balance with skin from your inventory, you can improve it and withdraw the desired skin.

Why should I upgrade my CS2 skins?

This is a great way to exchange unnecessary skin for something more attractive. Moreover, on the condition that you control the chances of success yourself.

What is the best way to showcase my upgraded CS2 skins in-game?

Show off a screenshot of your new items to your friends or play a couple of games of matchmaking with new skins. Other players will be able to admire them when they watch you.

For In-depth answers to these and more questions about upgrading CS2 skins and not only, visit our FAQ page!

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